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Asiapop Academy
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Welcome! Asiapop Academy is a place for people interested in the academic study of East Asian pop culture, including anime, manga, music, TV shows, film, and more from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and around the world. This is not a fan community (although most of us are fans). Rather than discussing favorite characters and episodes, here we can talk about issues such as female roles in "Aa! Megami-sama!", the exporting of Korean soap operas, misogyny in hentai anime, the marketing of Dreams Come True in the US, the handling of adolescence in Studio Ghibli films, the Chinese-language doujinshi community in Taiwan, etc.

You do not have to be a student, a teacher, an Asian studies major, etc. to join--anyone interested in a scholarly discussion of East Asian pop culture is welcome. (And remember, "scholarly" does not mean "boring.") Students are welcome to start discussions here, but we will not help you do your homework. Grad students are welcome to put together AAS panels, etc., through the community, ask for feedback on paper proposals, etc.

Recommended websites
- AnimeResearch.com has excellent academic resources and a mailing list
- The Anime Manga Web Essays Archive
- Anime Academic Resource Page
- Anime and Manga Research Circle
- Nausicaa.Net is the fan-base for information about Studio Ghibli's projects
- Anime Turnpike, a huge compilation of anime-related websites
- TINAMI is an index of mostly Japanese amateur artists and doujinshika
- Shoujo Anime & Manga Title Generator (just for kicks)
- Comics Research
- The Comic Arts Conference

(Suggestions for additions? Please post them to the community.)